Editor’s Choice – Volume 17 N° 1

The work of Emil Kraepelin, probably the most influential character in the history of psychiatry, is thoroughly described in the article by Paul Hoff.
Marc-Antoine Crocq provides an account of how French tradition and ideas have shaped psychiatry.
The stimulus provided by classification of mental disorders in the USA, especially for research purposes, is reviewed by Bruce Cuthbert.

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March 2015 - Vol 17 - No. 1


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Dieter Naber, MD

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Why do we need a diagnosis? Maybe a syndrome is enough?

Norman Sartorius (Switzerland)

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Focus on psychosis

Wolfgang Gaebel; Jürgen Zielasek (Germany)

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Descriptive psychopathology, phenomenology, and the legacy of Karl Jaspers

Heinz Häfner (Germany)

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The Kraepelinian tradition

Paul Hoff (Switzerland)

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Eugen Bleuler's schizophrenia—a modern perspective

Anke Maatz; Paul Hoff; Jules Angst (Switzerland)

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French perspectives on psychiatric classification

Marc-Antoine Crocq (France)

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The history of nosology and the rise of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

Edward Shorter, PhD

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Genetic and genomic analyses as a basis for new diagnostic nosologies

Elliot S. Gershon; Kay S. Grennan (USA)

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A knowledge network for a dynamic taxonomy of psychiatric disease

Ranga R. Krishnan (USA, Singapore)

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Research Domain Criteria: toward future psychiatric nosologies

Bruce N. Cuthbert (USA)

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