Body-mind interaction in psychiatry

Body-mind interaction in psychiatry

March 2018 – Vol.20 – No. 1


The mind-body Cartesian dualism and psychiatry
Florence Thibaut

State of the art

Historical epistemology of the body-mind interaction in psychiatry
German E. Berrios (UK)

Basic research

Isabelle Lang-Rollin, Götz Berberich (Germany)

Management of somatic symptom disorder
Peter Henningsen (Germany)

Translational research

The intriguing relationship between coronary heart disease and mental disorders
Marc De Hert, Johan Detraux, Davy Vancampfort (Belgium)

The relationship between stress and infertility
Kristin L. Rooney, Alice D. Domar (USA)

Depression and diabetes
Norman Sartorius (Switzerland)

Clinical research

Facts and myths pertaining to fibromyalgia
Winfried Häuser, Mary-Ann Fitzcharles (Germany, Canada)

Metabolic syndrome in psychiatric patients: overview, mechanisms and implications
Brenda W. H. Penninx, Sjors M. M. Lange (the Netherlands)

Brief report

Psychiatric sequelae of cardiac arrest
Dieter Naber, Monika Bullinger (Germany)