Controversies in Psychiatry

Controversies in Psychiatry

September 2018 – Vol.20 – No. 3

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Controversies in psychiatry
Florence Thibaut, MD, PhD – Editor in Chief

20th anniversary issue

Can psychopathology and neuroscience coexist in psychiatric classifications?
Marc-Antoine Crocq (France)

Posttraumatic stress disorder as a diagnostic entity – clinical perspectives
César Carvajal (Chile)

The role of genetics and genomics in clinical psychiatry
Margret R. Hoehe, Deborah J. Morris-Rosendahl (Germany, UK)

Forty years of structural brain imaging in mental disorders: is it clinically useful or not?
Peter Falkai, Andrea Schmitt, Nancy Andreasen (Germany, USA)

Is there a role for reproductive steroids in the etiology and treatment of affective disorders?
David R. Rubinow, Peter J. Schmidt (USA)

The role of prediction in suicide prevention
Matthew Michael Large (Australia)

Alternative and complementary approaches in psychiatry: beliefs versus evidence
Pierre Schulz, Vincent Hede (Switzerland)

The role of prediction in suicide prevention
Michael Davidson (Israel, Cyprus)

Should antidepressants be used in minor depression?
Dieter Naber, Monika Bullinger (Germany)

Dissociation debates: everything you know is wrong
Richard J. Loewenstein (USA)