June 2019 – Vol.21 – No.2

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Future paths in psychopharmacology
Florence Thibaut, MD, PhD – Editor in Chief

State of the art

Opportunities and challenges in psychopharmacology
Pierre Schulz (Switzerland)

Original articles

Genomics and the future of psychopharmacology: MicroRNAs offer novel therapeutics
David Gurwitz (Israel)

Psychedelic drugs—a new era in psychiatry?
David Nutt (UK)

Receptor variants and the development of centrally acting medications
Stuart A. Neale, Kumiko Kambara, Thomas E. Salt, Daniel Bertrand (UK, Switzerland)

Harnessing the microbiota to treat neurological diseases
Neeraj K. Surana (USA)

How evolutionary psychiatry can advance psychopharmacology
Randolph M. Nesse, Dan J. Stein (USA, South Africa)

Blood-based systems biology biomarkers for next-generation clinical trials in Alzheimer’s disease
Harald Hampel, Andrea Vergallo, Mohammad Afshar, Leyla Akman-Anderson, Joaquín Arenas, Norbert Benda, Richard Batrla, Karl Broich, Filippo Caraci, A. Claudio Cuello, Enzo Emanuele, Marion Haberkamp, Steven J. Kiddle, Alejandro Lucía, Mark Mapstone, Steven R. Verdooner, Janet Woodcock, Simone Lista (France, USA, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Canada)

Treating psychiatric symptoms and disorders with non-psychotropic medications
Vincent Hede, Cédric Devillé (Switzerland)

Drug discovery in psychopharmacology: from 2D models to cerebral organoids
Andrea Carlo Rossetti, Philipp Koch, Julia Ladewig (Germany)

Brief report

The “systems approach” to treating the brain: opportunities in developmental psychopharmacology
Silvia Bussone, Luisa Lo Iacono (Italy)