December 2019 – Vol.21 – No.4

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Epigenetics: the missing link between genes and psychiatric disorders?
Florence Thibaut, MD, PhD – Editor in Chief

State of the art

Unraveling the epigenetic landscape of depression: focus on early life stress
Angélica Torres-Berrío, Orna Issler, Eric M. Parise, Eric J. Nestler (US)

Original articles

Genetic and epigenetic editing in nervous system
Jeremy J. Day (US)

The epigenetics of perinatal stress
Moshe Szyf (Canada)

Transcriptional mechanisms of drug addiction
Purva Bali, Paul J. Kenny (US)

Epigenetics as a key link between psychosocial stress and aging: concepts, evidence, mechanisms
Anthony S. Zannas (US)

Epigenetics and depression
Signe Penner-Goeke, Elisabeth B. Binder (Germany)

Use of the epigenetic toolbox to contextualize common variants associated with schizophrenia risk
Prashanth Rajarajan, Schahram Akbarian (US)

A review of epigenetic contributions to post-traumatic stress disorder
Hunter Howie, Chuda M. Rijal, Kerry J. Ressler (US)