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Cognition in Mental Health

Cognition in Mental Health

September 2019 – Vol.21 – No.3

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Cognition in psychiatry
Sonia Acuna-Vargas MPsych, Florence Thibaut, MD, PhD – Editor in Chief

State of the art

Domains of cognition and their assessment
Philip D. Harvey (USA)

Original articles

Cognitive impairment in psychotic illness: prevalence, profile of impairment, developmental course, and treatment considerations
Amanda McCleery, Keith H. Nuechterlein (USA)

Assessing behavior and cognition in rodents, nonhuman primates, and humans: where are the limits of translation?
Marius Stephan, Paul Volkmann, Moritz J. Rossner (Germany)

Nonpharmacological treatment of dyscognition in schizophrenia: effects of aerobic exercise
Isabel Maurus, Astrid Röh, Peter Falkai, Berend Malchow, Andrea Schmitt, Alkomiet Hasan (Germany, Brazil)

The synaptic pathology of cognitive life
William G. Honer, Alfredo Ramos-Miguel, Jehan Alamri, Ken Sawada, Alasdair M. Barr, Julie A. Schneider, David A. Bennett (Canada, Spain, Japan, US)

Cognition and addiction
Antonio Verdejo-Garcia, Gloria Garcia-Fernandez, Geert Dom (Australia, Spain, Belgium)

Dysfunctional neurocognition in individuals with clinically significant psychopathic traits
Robert James R. Blair (USA)

Pharmacological treatment of cognitive deficits in nondementing mental health disorders
Trevor W. Robbins (UK)

Metacognitive and cognitive-behavioral interventions for psychosis: new developments
Steffen Moritz, Jan Philipp Klein, Paul H. Lysaker, Stephanie Mehl (Germany, US)

Effects of computer gaming on cognition, brain structure, and function: a critical reflection on existing literature
Simone Kühn, Jürgen Gallinat, Anna Mascherek (Germany)

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Would you like to review articles for our journal?

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