Developments in Bipolar Disorder

Developments in Bipolar Disorder

June 2008 – Vol 10 – No. 2

State of the art

Bipolar disorder-methodological problems and future perspectives
Jules Angst , MD

Translational research

Genetics of bipolar disorder
Michael A. Escamilla, MD; Juan M. Zavala, MD

Cognitive neuroscience and brain imaging in bipolar disorder
Luke Clark , D Phil; Barbara J. Sahakian, PhD, FMedSci

Pharmacological aspects

Acute and long-term treatment of mania
Eduard Vieta, MD, PhD; Jose Sanchez-Moreno, PsyD

Bipolar depression: trial-based insights to guide patient care
David E. Kemp, MD; David J. Muzina, MD; Roger S. Mclntyre, MD; Joseph R. Calabrese, MD

Promising avenues of therapeutics for bipolar illness
Robert M. Post, MD

Clinical research

Medical and substance-related comorbidity in bipolar disorder: translational research and treatment opportunities
Roger S. Mclntyre, MD, FRCPC; Ha T. Nguyen, BSc; Joanna K. Soczynska, HBSc; Maria Teresa C. Lourenco, MD, PhD; Hanna O. Woldeyohannes, HBSc; Jakub Z. Konarski, BSc, Msc

Current research in child and adolescent bipolar disorder
Christine A. Demeter, MA; Lisa D. Townsend, MSSA, LSW; Michael Wilson, MD; Robert L. Findling, MD

Current issues: women and bipolar disorder
Lauren B. Marangell , MD

Psychosocial interventions and medication adherence in bipolar disorder
Colin A. Depp , PhD; David J. Moore, PhD; Thomas L. Patterson, PhD; Barry D. Lebowitz, PhD; Dilip V. Jeste , MD

The relationship between creativity and mood disorders
Nancy C. Andreasen, MD, PhD


Risk for cognitive impairment among HIV-infected persons with bipolar disorder
David J. Moore, PhD; Colin A. Depp, PhD; Carolina Posada, ; Mili Parikh, ; Archana Bhatt, ; Suzanne Moseley, ; Ofilio Vigil MS, ; Ian P. Everall, FRCPsych, FRCPath PhD; J. Hampton Atkinson, MD; Igor Grant, MD; HNRC Group,