Remission in Depression

Remission in Depression

December 2008 – Vol 10 – No. 4

State of the art

Towards achieving remission in the treatment of depression
Julien Mendlewicz, MD, PhD

Treatment strategies to improve and sustain remission in major depressive disorder
Trivedi Madhukar H., MD

Translational research

Cellular and molecular mechanisms in the long-term action of antidepressants.
Giorgio Racagni, PhD; Maurizio Popoli, PhD

Pharmacogenomic strategy for individualizing antidepressant therapy
Keh-Ming Lin, MD, MPH

Toward achieving optimal response: understanding and managing antidepressant side effects
Karen Kelly, MD

Incomplete response in late-life depression: getting to remission
Eric J. Lenze, MD; Meera Sheffrin, BA; Henry C Driscoll, MD, MS; Benoit H. Mulsant, MD; Bruce G. Pollock, MD, PhD; Mary Amanda Dew, PhD; Frank Lotrich, MD, PhD; Bernie Devlin, PhD; Robert Bies, PhD; Charles F. Reynolds III, MD

Clinical research

Partial remission, residual symptoms, and relapse in depression
E.S. Paykel, MD, FRCP, FRCPsych, FMedSci

Predictors, moderators, and mediators (correlates) of treatment outcome in major depressive disorder
George I. Papakostas, MD; Maurizio Fava, MD

Incomplete remission in depression: role of psychiatric and somatic comorbidity
Christian Otte, MD

Psychosocial determinants of recovery in depression
Giovanni A. Fava, MD; Dalila Visani, PsyD

Sleep disturbances and depression: risk relationships for subsequent depression and therapeutic implications
Peter L. Franzen , PhD; Daniel J. Buysse, MD


Neurochemical brain imaging of treatment response in geriatric depression
S. Smith. Gwenn, PhD