Personalized Medicine: Prediction, Prevention, Participation

Personalized Medicine: Prediction, Prevention, Participation

December 2009 – Vol 11 – No. 4

State of the art

The intersection of pharmacology, imaging, and genetics in the development of personalized medicine
Philip Gerretsen , MD; MSW; Daniel J. Müller, MD; Arun Tiwari, PhD; David Mamo, MD; MSc; Bruce G. Pollock, MD; PhD

Special article

Policy perspectives on the emerging pathways of personalized medicine
Gregory J. Downing, DO; PhD

Translational research

The role of neuroimaging in diagnosis and personalized medicine-current position and likely future directions
Michael Brammer, PhD

Stem cell approaches in psychiatry – challenges and opportunities
Jens Benninghoff, MD

Pharmacological aspects

Pharmacogenetics of antipsychotic-induced side effects
Todd Lencz, PhD

Major depression during interferon-α treatment: vulnerability and prevention
Francis E. Lotrich, MD, PhD

Clinical research

Personalized medicine in psychiatry: ethical challenges and opportunities
Kathinka Evers, PhD

A new paradigm for the prediction of antidepressant treatment response
Andrew F. Leuchter, MD; Ian A. Cook, MD; Aimee M. Hunter, PhD; Alexander S. Korb, BS

Prevention: an achievable goal in personalized medicine
Pim Cuijpers, PhD

Shared decision making in mental health: prospects for personalized medicine
Robert E. Drake , PhD; Delia Cimpean, MD; William C. Torrey, MD

Brief report

Personalized medicine: selected Web resources
Nancy F. Stimson, MLS