Neurocircuitry of Cognition, Emotion, and Behavior

Neurocircuitry of Cognition, Emotion, and Behavior

December 2010 – Vol 12 – No. 4

State of the art

Emergent processes in cognitive-emotional interactions
Luiz Pessoa, PhD

Translational research

Imaging genetics of schizophrenia
Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, MD

Basic research

Evolution of the nervous system: a critical evaluation of how genetic changes translate into morphological changes
Alain Prochiantz, PhD

Pharmacological aspects

Neurocircuitry of the nicotinic cholinergic system
Daniel Bertrand, PhD

Brain serotonergic circuitries
Yves Charnay, PhD; Lucienne Leger, PhD

Clinical research

Human intelligence and brain networks
Roberto Colom, PhD; Sherif Karama, MD; Rex E. Jung , PhD; Richard J. Haier, PhD

Reciprocal organization of the cerebral hemispheres
Iain McGilchrist, MA (Oxon), BM, FRCPsych

Neural systems underlying approach and avoidance in anxiety disorders
Aupperle Robin L., PhD; P. Paulus Martin, MD

Affective neuroscience of the emotional BrainMind: evolutionary perspectives and implications for understanding depression
Jaak Panksepp, PhD

Brief Reports

Empathy: shared circuits and their dysfunctions
Marc Thioux, PhD; Christian Keysers, PhD

Neurocircuitry of emotion and cognition in alcoholism: contributions from white matter fiber tractography
Tilman Schulte; Eva M. Müller-Oehring; Adolf Pfefferbaum; Edith V. Sullivan (USA)