June 2011 – Vol 13 – No. 2

State of the art

Randomized controlled trials in schizophrenia: opportunities, limitations, and trial design alternatives
Christoph U. Correll (USA)

Clinical research

Ethical issues in naturalistic versus controlled trials
Hanfried Helmchen (DEU)

Assessing the benefit:risk ratio of a drug – randomized and naturalistic evidence
François Curtin (CHE)

Evaluation of psychiatric interventions in an observational study: issues in design and analysis
Andrew C. Leon (USA)

Effectiveness studies: advantages and disadvantages
Hans-Jürgen Möller (DEU)

Pragmatic vs explanatory trials: the Pragmascope tool to help measure differences in protocols of mental health randomized controlled trials
Graeme Tosh (UK)

A pragmatic view on pragmatic trials
Nikolaos A. Patsopoulos (USA)

Biomarkers in development of psychotropic drugs
K. Wiedemann (DEU)