Bereavement and Complicated Grief

Bereavement and Complicated Grief

June 2012 – Vol 14 – No. 2


Dear Colleagues,

Complicated grief is currently a much-discussed topic, particularly in the context of the forthcoming DSM-5.
Prof Ronald Pies, a highly respected expert in the field, has kindly agreed to write a Guest Editorial on the subject for this issue of Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience.
I am sure you will find his contribution to be very interesting, and a superb introduction to this high-quality collection of articles from the top authors in the field.
Warm thanks go also to Prof Barry Lebowitz for coordinating this issue, with the help of Prof Dieter Naber.

Sincerely yours,
Jean-Paul Macher, MD

In This issue

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Barry D. Lebowitz, PhD; Dieter Naber, MD

Guest editorial

Bereavement, complicated grief, and the rationale for diagnosis in psychiatry
Ronald Pies (USA)

State of the art

Grief and mourning gone awry: pathway and course of complicated grief
M. Katherine Shear (USA)

Translational research

Physiological correlates of bereavement and the impact of bereavement interventions
Thomas Buckley; Dalia Sunari; Andrea Marshall; Roger Bartrop; Sharon McKinley; Geoffrey Tofler (Australia)

Immunological and neuroimaging biomarkers of complicated grief
Mary-Frances O’Connor (USA)

Clinical research

Pharmacological approaches to the treatment of complicated grief: rationale and a brief review of the literature
Eric Bui; Mireya Nadal-Vicens; Naomi M. Simon (France,USA)

Complicated grief therapy as a new treatment approach
Julie Loebach Wetherell (USA)

Diagnostic and clinical considerations in prolonged grief disorder
Andreas Maercker; John Lalor (Switzerland)

Suicide bereavement and complicated grief
Ilanit Tal Young; Alana Iglewicz; Danielle Glorioso; Nicole Lanouette; Kathryn Seay; Manjusha Ilapakurti; Sidney Zisook (USA)

Complicated grief after perinatal loss
Anette Kersting; Birgit Wagner (Germany)

Complicated grief in late life
Mark D. Miller (USA)

Brief Reports

Complicated grief in Aboriginal populations
Rae Spiwak; Jitender Sareen; Brenda Elias; Patricia Martens; Garry Munro; James Bolton (Canada)

Complicated grief in those bereaved by violent death: the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder on complicated grief
Satomi Nakajima; Ito Masaya; Shirai Akemi; Konishi Takako (Japan)