Biological Rhythms III: Mental Disease and Therapeutics

Biological Rhythms III: Mental Disease and Therapeutics

December 2012 – Vol 14 – No. 4


Dear Colleagues

In this issue of Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience, we examine a topic of great relevance in current times—the role of chronobiology and biological rhythms in various aspects of health and disease, including psychiatric disorders.

To preface this interesting collection of articles, we invited Prof Anna Wirz-Justice, a distinguished author in the field, to write a Guest Editorial. We thank Prof Wirz-Justice and the other authors in this issue for their valuable contributions.

Thanks go also to Pierre Schulz for coordinating this issue with the assistance of Dieter Naber.

Sincerely yours,
Jean-Paul Macher, MD

In This issue

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Pierre Schulz, MD; Dieter Naber, MD

Guest editorial

Temporal organization as a therapeutic target
Anna Wirz-Justice (Switzerland)

State of the art

Brain rhythms and neural syntax: implications for efficient coding of cognitive content and neuropsychiatric disease.
György Buzsáki; Brendon O. Watson (USA)

Translational research

Biological rhythms and mood disorders
Paola Salvatore; Premananda Indic; Greg Murray; Ross J. Baldessarini (Italy,USA,Australia)

The effects of extremely low-frequency magnetic fields on melatonin and cortisol, two marker rhythms of the circadian system
Yvan Touitou; Brahim Selmaoui (France)

Clinical research

Antidepressant chronotherapeutics for bipolar depression
Francesco Benedetti (Italy)

Polysomnographic evaluation of sleep quality and quantitative variables in women as a function of mood, reproductive status, and age
Henry J. Orff; Charles J. Meliska, PhD; Ana Lopez, BS; Fernando Martinez, BA; Diane Sorenson, MS; Barbara L. Parry, MD (USA)

A neuropsychological approach to time estimation
Séverine Perbal-Hatif (France)

Social science

The manifold definitions of time
Christian Oestreicher (Switzerland)

Time representations in social science
Yvan Schulz (Switzerland)

Brief report

Light and chronobiology: implications for health and disease
Mirjam Münch; Vivien Bromundt, PhD (Switzerland)

Free paper

Diogenes syndrome in patients suffering from dementia
Gabriele Cipriani; Claudio Lucetti; Marcella Vedovello; Angelo Nuti (Italy)