Cerebral Aging and Neuroplasticity

Cerebral Aging and Neuroplasticity

March 2013 – Vol 15 – No. 1


Dear Colleagues,

With the progressive aging of the population, the medical community is increasingly focusing on the maintenance of optimal cognitive functioning well into late life.

In this issue of Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience, we examine neuroplasticity and the part it plays in the development of treatments for the aging brain.

We have invited Prof Gwenn Smith to share her expertise on this subject with us in a Guest Editorial.

We would like to warmly thank Prof Smith and the distinguished panel of authors for their contributions to this issue. We are also grateful to Prof Barry Lebowitz for coordinating this issue, with the assistance of Prof Michael Davidson.

Sincerely yours,

Jean-Paul Macher, MD

In This issue

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Barry D. Lebowitz, PhD; Michael Davidson, MD

Guest editorial

Aging and neuroplasticity
Gwenn S. Smith (USA)

State of the art

AMPA receptor trafficking and the mechanisms underlying synaptic plasticity and cognitive aging
Jeremy M. Henley; Kevin A. Wilkinson (UK)

Translational research

Neuropathological approaches to cerebral aging and neuroplasticity
Kurt A. Jellinger; Johannes Attems (UK)

Successful brain aging: plasticity, environmental enrichment, and lifestyle
Francisco Mora (USA)

Molecular aging of the brain, neuroplasticity, and vulnerability to depression and other brain-related disorders
Etienne Sibille (USA)

Treatment research

Pharmacologic approaches to cerebral aging and neuroplasticity: insights from the stroke model
François Chollet (France)

Chronic depression as a model disease for cerebral aging
Bettina H. Bewernick; Thomas E. Schlaepfer (Germany)

Applications of transcranial magnetic stimulation and magnetic seizure therapy in the study and treatment of disorders related to cerebral aging
Bruce Luber; Shawn M. McClintock; Sarah H. Lisanby (USA)

Physical activity and brain plasticity in late adulthood
Kirk I. Erickson; Ariel G. Gildengers; Meryl A. Butters (USA)

The aging mind: neuroplasticity in response to cognitive training
Denise C. Park; Gérard N. Bischof (USA)

Brief report

Effect of plasma lipids and APOE genotype on cognitive decline
Fumihiko Yasuno; Takashi Asada (Japan)