Prediction of Treatment Response

Prediction of Treatment Response

December 2014 – Vol 16 – No. 4

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Margret R. Hoehe, MD, PhD; Pierre Schulz, MD

Guest editorial

Pursuit of the “truth” about mental illness: the significance of findings in neuropsychiatric research, and lessons from the past
Lynn E. DeLisi (USA)

State of the art

Prediction of treatment outcomes in psychiatry—where do we stand ?
Francis J. McMahon (USA)

Basic research

Computational modeling of drug response with applications to neuroscience
Ralf Herwig (Germany)

Translational research

Neuroimaging-based biomarkers for treatment selection in major depressive disorder
Boadie W. Dunlop; Helen S. Mayberg (USA)

Neuroimaging biomarkers to predict treatment response in schizophrenia: the end of 30 years of solitude?
Paola Dazzan (UK)

Clinical research

Clinical predictors of therapeutic response to antipsychotics in schizophrenia
Maren Carbon; Christoph U. Correll (USA)

Intermediate phenotypes and biomarkers of treatment outcome in major depressive disorder
Andrew F. Leuchter; Aimee M. Hunter; David E. Krantz; Ian A. Cook (USA)

Using biomarkers to predict treatment response in major depressive disorder: evidence from past and present studies
Michael E. Thase (USA)

Pharmacological aspects

Prediction of individual response to antidepressants and antipsychotics: an integrated concept
Sheldon H. Preskorn (USA)

Pharmacogenetics and outcome with antipsychotic drugs
Jennie G. Pouget; Tahireh A. Shams; Arun K. Tiwari; Daniel J. Müller (Canada)

Special report

Ethical and public policy challenges for pharmacogenomics
Elliot S. Gershon; Ney Alliey-Rodriguez; Kay Grennan (USA)