Diseases of the Dorsal and Ventral Striatum

Diseases of the Dorsal and Ventral Striatum

March 2016 – Vol 18 – No. 1

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Nancy C. Andreasen, MD, PhD; Deborah Morris-Rosendahl, PhD


Basal ganglia play a crucial role in decision making
Florence Thibaut, MD, PhD – Editor in chief

State of the art

Corticostriatal circuitry
Suzanne N. Haber (USA)

Basic research

Dopamine reward prediction error coding
Wolfram Schultz (UK)

Habit formation
Kyle S. Smith; Ann M. Graybiel (USA)

Reward and decision processes in the brains of humans and nonhuman primates
Angela Sirigu; Jean-René Duhamel (France)

Clinical research

The involvement of the striatum in decision making
Julie Goulet-Kennedy; Sara Labbe; Shirley Fecteau (Canada)

Corticostriatal circuitry in regulating diseases characterized by intrusive thinking
Benjamin C. Kalivas; Peter W. Kalivas (USA)

Striatal dopamine, reward, and decision making in schizophrenia
Lorenz Deserno; Florian Schlagenhauf; Andreas Heinz (Germany)

Huntington disease: a single-gene degenerative disorder of the striatum
Peggy C. Nopoulos (USA)

Optogenetic approaches to evaluate striatal function in animal models of Parkinson disease
Krystal L. Parker; Youngcho Kim; Stephanie L. Alberico; Eric B. Emmons; Nandakumar S. Narayanan (USA)

Pharmacological aspects

Inhibition of the reward system by antipsychotic treatment
Georg Juckel (Germany)