New Approaches to the Assessment of Function in Mental Health

New Approaches to the Assessment of Function in Mental Health

June 2016 – Vol 18 – No. 2

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Barry D. Lebowitz, PhD; Dieter Naber, MD


Digital applications: the future in psychiatry?
Florence Thibaut (France)

State of the art

The emerging story of emerging technologies in neuropsychiatry
M. Justin Coffey; C. Edward Coffey (USA)

Issues and developments related to assessing function in serious mental illness
Matt A. Brown; Dawn I. Velligan (USA)

Clinical research

Functional assessment in mental health: lessons from occupational therapy
Joan C. Rogers; Margo B. Holm (USA)

Neurotechnological assessment of consciousness disorders: five ethical imperatives
Kathinka Evers (Sweden)

Mobile technology for mental health assessment
Patricia A. Areàn; Kien Hoa Ly; Gerhard Andersson (USA,Sweden)

Technology to assess and support self-management in serious mental illness
Colin A. Depp; Raeanne C. Moore; Dimitri Perivoliotis; Eric Granholm (USA)

Prevention of suicidal behavior
Ulrich Hegerl (Germany)

A review of behavioral tailoring strategies for improving medication adherence in serious mental illness
Julie Kreyenbuhl; Elizabeth J. Record; Jessica Palmer-Bacon (USA)

Internet interventions for depression: new developments
Johanna Schröder; Thomas Berger; Stefan Westermann; Jan Philipp Klein; Steffen Moritz (Germany,Switzerland)

Contributions of mobile technologies to addiction research
Joel Swendsen (France)