Human Variation: From Basic Research to Personalized Medicine

Human Variation: From Basic Research to Personalized Medicine

September 2016 – Vol 18 – No. 3

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Margret R. Hoehe, MD, PhD; Pierre Schulz, MD


From basic research to personalized medicine
Florence Thibaut (France)

State of the art

Neuropsychiatric genomics in precision medicine: diagnostics, gene discovery, and translation
Anna C. Need; David B. Goldstein (UK,USA)

Basic research

Omics approaches to individual variation: modeling networks and the virtual patient
Hans Lehrach (Germany)

Human iPSC-derived neurons and lymphoblastoid cells for personalized medicine research in neuropsychiatric disorders
David Gurwitz (Israel)

Individual variation in functional brain connectivity: implications for personalized approaches to psychiatric disease
Emily S. Finn; R. Todd Constable (USA)

Translational research

An epigenomics approach to individual differences and its translation to neuropsychiatric conditions
J. David Sweatt; Carol A. Tamminga (USA)

Clinical research

Genomic sequencing in clinical practice: applications, challenges, and opportunities
Joel B. Krier; Sarah S. Kalia; Robert C. Green (USA)

Pharmacological aspects

Personalized prescribing: a new medical model for clinical implementation of psychotropic drugs
Chin B. Eap (Switzerland)

Pharmacogenetic tests for antipsychotic medications: clinical implications and considerations
Seenae Eum; Adam M. Lee; Jeffrey R. Bishop (USA)

Brief report

Transforming big data into computational models for personalized medicine and health care
S. M. Reza Soroushmehr; Kayvan Najarian (USA)