Sex Differences

Sex Differences

December 2016 – Vol 18 – No. 4

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David Rubinow, MD; Peter Falkai, MD, PhD


The role of sex and gender in neuropsychiatric disorders
Florence Thibaut, MD, PhD, Editor in chief


Sex influences in neurological disorders: case studies and perspectives
Janine Austin Clayton (USA)

State of the art

Sex differences in the developing brain as a source of inherent risk
Margaret M. McCarthy (USA)

Basic research

Sex in the brain: hormones and sex differences
Jordan Marrocco; Bruce S. McEwen (USA)

Sex-biased cellular signaling: molecular basis for sex differences in neuropsychiatric diseases
Rita J. Valentino; Debra A. Bangasser (USA)

Translational research

Sex differences in addiction
Jill B. Becker (USA)

Stress-related disorders, pituitary adenylate cyclase—activating peptide (PACAP)ergic system, and sex differences
Teniel S. Ramikie; Kerry J. Ressler (USA)

Sex differences in the effects of androgens acting in the central nervous system on metabolism
Jamie Morford; Franck Mauvais-Jarvis (USA)

Clinical research

Prenatal stress-immune programming of sex differences in comorbidity of depression and obesity/metabolic syndrome
Jill M. Goldstein; Laura Holsen; Grace Huang; Bradley D. Hammond; Tamarra James-Todd; Sara Cherkerzian; Taben M. Hale; Robert J. Handa (USA)

Considering sex and gender in Alzheimer disease and other dementias
Jessica L. Podcasy; C. Neill Epperson (USA)

Pharmacological aspects

Sex differences in the psychopharmacological treatment of depression
John J. Sramek; Michael F. Murphy; Neal R. Cutler (USA)

Brief report

The placenta and neurodevelopment: sex differences in prenatal vulnerability
Tracy L. Bale (USA)