March 2017 – Vol 19 – No. 1

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Deborah Morris-Rosendahl, PhD; César Carvajal, MD


Neuroinflammation: new vistas for neuropsychiatric research
Florence Thibaut, MD, PhD

State of the art

Affective immunology: where emotions and the immune response converge
Fulvio D’Acquisto, MSc, MRes, PhD

Clinical research

In immune defense: redefining the role of the immune system in chronic disease
Katya B. Rubinow, MD; David R. Rubinow, MD

Inflammation: opportunities for treatment stratification among individuals diagnosed with mood disorders
Mehala Subramaniapillai, MSc; Nicole E. Carmona, HBSc; Carola Rong, HBSc; Roger S. McIntyre, MD

Translational research

A multispecies approach for understanding neuroimmune mechanisms of stress
Terrence Deak, PhD; Anastacia Kudinova, MA; Dennis F. Lovelock, MS; Brandon E. Gibb, PhD; Michael B. Hennessy, PhD

Pharmacological aspects

Immunological aspects of the treatment of depression and schizophrenia
Norbert Müller, MD, PhD

Brief report

Clinical and autoimmune features of a patient with autism spectrum disorder seropositive for anti–NMDA-receptor autoantibody
Hélène Gréa, PhD; Isabelle Scheid, MD; Alexandru Gaman, MD; Véronique Rogemond, PhD; Sandy Gillet; Jérôme Honnorat, MD, PhD; Federico Bolognani, MD, PhD; Christian Czech, PhD; Céline Bouquet, PhD; Elie Toledano, PhD; Manuel Bouvard, MD, PhD; Richard Delorme, MD, PhD; Laurent Groc, PhD; Marion Leboyer, MD, PhD

Free paper

The potential role of neuroinflammation and transcription factors in Parkinson disease
Prafulla Chandra Tiwari, MPharm; Rishi Pal, PhD, MAMS