Generalized Anxiety Disorders

Generalized Anxiety Disorders

June 2017 – Vol.19 – No. 2


Anxiety disorders: a review of current literature
Florence Thibaut

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Marc-Antoine Crocq, Rajesh Parikh

State of the art

Treatment of anxiety disorders
Borwin Bandelow, Sophie Michaelis, Dirk Wedekind (Germany)

Clinical research

The history of generalized anxiety disorder as a diagnostic category
Marc-Antoine Crocq (France)

Cultural aspects of anxiety disorders in India
Maherra Khambaty, Rajesh M. Parikh (India)

Epidemiology of anxiety disorders: from surveys to nosology and back
Dan J. Stein, Kate M. Scott, Peter de Jonge, Ronald C. Kessler (South Africa, New Zealand,
the Netherlands, USA)

Environmental transmission of generalized anxiety disorder from parents to children: worries, experiential avoidance, and intolerance of uncertainty
Evin Aktar, Milica Nikolić, Susan M. Bögels (the Netherlands)

Translational research

Biological markers of generalized anxiety disorder
Eduard Maron, David Nutt (UK, Estonia)

Genetics of generalized anxiety disorder and related traits
Michael G. Gottschalk, Katharina Domschke (Germany)

Affective neuroimaging in generalized anxiety disorder: an integrated review
Gregory A. Fonzo, Amit Etkin (USA)

Behavioral methods to study anxiety in rodents
Kimberly R. Lezak, Galen Missig, William A. Carlezon Jr (USA)

Free paper

Oxytocin and social functioning
Candace Jones, Ingrid Barrera, Shaun Brothers, Robert Ring, Claes Wahlestedt (USA)

Brief report

Cognitive-behavioral therapy for generalized anxiety
Lucas Borza (France)