September 2017 – Vol.19 – No. 3


Addictive behaviors: where do we stand, and where are we going?
Florence Thibaut, Margret Hoehe

State of the art

Individual differences in the neuropsychopathology of addiction
Olivier George, George F. Koob (USA)

Basic research

A brief review of the genetics and pharmacogenetics of opioid use disorders
Wade Berrettini (USA)

Genetics of addictive behavior: the example of nicotine dependence
Philip Gorwood, Yann Le Strat, Nicolas Ramoz (France)

Animal models of addiction
Rainer Spanagel (Germany)

Basic research

The prescription opioid epidemic: a review of qualitative studies on the progression from initial use to abuse
Theodore J. Cicero, Matthew S. Ellis (USA)

Tobacco use disorder and treatment: new challenges and opportunities
Doug Ziedonis, Smita Das, Celine Larkin (USA)

Clinical neuropsychiatric considerations regarding non-substance or behavioral addictions
Marc N. Potenza (USA)

Pharmacological aspects

Minding the brain: the role of pharmacotherapy in substance-use disorder treatment
Herbert Kleber, Elias Dakwar (USA)

Treatment of opioid dependence with buprenorphine: current update
Michael Soyka (Germany)

Cannabis, cannabinoids, and health
Genevieve Lafaye, Laurent Karila, Lisa Blecha, Amine Benyamina (France)