Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders

December 2017 – Vol.19 – No. 4


New perspectives in autism spectrum disorders
Florence Thibaut

State of the art

Brain and behavior development in autism from birth through infancy
Mark D. Shen, Joseph Piven (USA)

Basic research

Translating genetic and preclinical findings into autism therapies
Maria Chahrour, Robin J. Kleiman, M. Chiara Manzini (USA)

Translational research

Autism and talent: the cognitive and neural basis of systemizing
Simon Baron-Cohen, Michael V. Lombardo (UK, Cyprus)

Clinical research

Syndromic autism spectrum disorders: moving from a clinically defined to a molecularly defined approach
Bridget A. Fernandez, Stephen W. Scherer (Canada)
Neuropsychological assessment in autism spectrum disorder and related conditions
Georg Peter Zwick (France)
Sexuality in autism: hypersexual and paraphilic behavior in women and men with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder
Daniel Schöttle, Peer Briken, Oliver Tüscher, Daniel Turner (Germany)

Pharmacological aspects

Pharmacotherapy of emotional and behavioral symptoms associated with autism spectrum disorder in children and adolescents
Ekaterina Stepanova, Susannah Dowling, Molly Phelps, Robert L. Findling (USA)

Brief report

Vaccination as a cause of autism—myths and controversies
Michael Davidson (Cyprus)