New Perspectives in Chronic Psychoses

New Perspectives in Chronic Psychoses

December 2001 – Vol 3 – No. 4

State of the art

A plausible model of schizophrenia must incorporate psychological and social, as well as neuro developmental, risk factors
Elvira Bramon, MD; Robin M. Murray, DSc

Basic research

Evolution of diagnostic criteria in psychoses
A. Ban Thomas, MD, FRCPC

Pharmacological aspects

Brain mechanisms of hallucinogens and entactogens
Franz X. Vollenweider, MD

Clinical research

Treatments for chronic psychosis
Carol A. Tamminga, MD; Adrienne C. Lahti, MD

The French concept of “psychose hallucinatoire chronique” -a preliminary form of schizophrenia? The role of late-life psychosis in the anticipation hypothesis of schizophrenia
Caroline Dubertret, MD; Philip Gorwood, MD; PhD

Posters & images in neuroscience

Perceptual skill and brain physiology in subgroups of persons with schizophrenia
Henry H. Holcomb, MD; Deborah R. Medoff, PhD; Adrienne C. Lahti, MD; Carol A. Tamminga, MD