CNS Aspects of Reproductive Endocrinology

CNS Aspects of Reproductive Endocrinology

June 2002 – Vol 4 – No. 2

State of the art

Gonadal steroids, brain, and behavior: role of context
David R. Rubinow, MD; Peter J. Schmidt, MD

Basic research

Opposite effects of stressful experience on memory formation in males versus females
Tracey J. Shors, PhD

Estrogen and neuroprotection: from clinical observations to molecular mechanisms
Dena B. Dubal, PhD; Phyllis M. Wise, PhD

Basic neurobiology of ovarian steroids: clinical implications
Bruce S McEwen, PhD

Pharmacological aspects

Treatment of depression associated with the menstrual cycle: premenstrual dysphoria, postpartum depression, and the perimenopause
Ellen W. Freeman, PhD

Posters & images in neuroscience

Functional neuroimaging as a direct probe of the effects of gonadal steroid hormones on the brainKaren Faith Berman, MD

Clinical research

Gender differences in aging: cognition, emotions, and neuroimaging studies
Raquel E. Gur, MD, PhD; Ruben C. Gur, PhD

Reproductive hormonal treatments for mood disorders in women
Peter J. Schmidt, MD; David R. Rubinow, MD