Anxiety I

Anxiety I

September 2002 – Vol 4 – No. 3

State of the art

The biology of fear- and anxiety-related behaviors
Thierry Steimer, PhD

Basic research

Are there anxious genes?
Deborah J. Morris-Rosendahl, PhD

Pathophysiological aspects of diversity in neuronal inhibition: a new benzodiazepine pharmacology
Hanns Möhler, PhD

Pharmacological aspects

Psychopharmacology of anxiety disorders
Giovanni B. Cassano , MD; Nicolò Baldini Rossi, MD; Stefano Pini, MD

Clinical research

Childhood predictors of states of anxiety
Jerome Kagan, PhD

Historical aspects of anxiety
Donald F. Klein, MD

Nonpharmacological treatments for anxiety disorders
Jean Cottraux, MD, PhD