Drug Development

Drug Development

December 2002 – Vol 4 – No. 4

Clinical research

Drug discovery and mental illness
Barry D. Lebowitz, PhD; Herbert W. Harris, MD, PhD

Subtyping of psychiatric disorders: implications for drug development
Robert Cancro, MD, MedDSc; John E. Roy, PhD; Robert Chabot, PhD; Leslie Prichep, PhD

New directions for drug discovery in psychiatric disease
Michael Speeding, PhD; Claude Sebban, MD; Laurent Perret, MD

Sleep-wake mechanisms and drug discovery: sleep EEG as a tool for the development of CNS-acting drugs
Luc Staner, MD

Human models as tools in the development of psychotropic drugs
Christian Gilles, MD; Thérèse Schunck, PhD; Gilles Erb, BSc; Izzie Jacques Namer, M.D, PhD; Yann Hodé, MD; Jean-François Nedelec, PhD; Peter Boeijinga, PhD; Remy Luthringer, PhD; Jean-Paul Mâcher, MD

Objective markers of drug effects on brain function from recordings of scalp potential in healthy volunteers
Peter H. Boeijinga, PhD

Challenges in the development of clinical trials for major depressive disorder: lessons learned from trials in minor depression
Mark H. Rapaport, MD; Rachel E. Maddux, BA

Development of neuroleptic agents: pharmacogenetics and current safety issues of regulatory concern
Rashmi Shah, M.D, FRCP, FFPM

Study designs, duration, and choice of comparators including the use of placebo
John A. Lewis, DSc

Japanese pharmaceutical and regulatory environment
Ryoichi Nagata, MD, PhD, FFPM; Jean-David Raflzadeh-Kabe, MD, JD

Basic research

Simulating the anhedonia symptom of depression in animals
Jean-Luc Moreau, PhD

Neonatal disconnection of the rat hippocampus: a neurodevelopmental model of schizophrenia
Barbara K. Lipska, PhD

Neurogenetics of emotional reactivity to stress in animals
Francis Chaouloff, PhD

Role of melatonin in the induction and maintenance of sleep
Jean B. Fourtillan, PhD

Research on serotonin and suicidal behavior: neuroendocrine and molecular approaches
Humberto Corrêa, MD; Marco Aurélio Romano-Silva, MD; PhD; Fabrice Duval, MD; Ana Carolina Campi-Azevedo, Msc; Vivtor Lima, MD; Jean-Paul Macher, MD

Interaction between the serotonergic system and HPA and HPT axes in patients with major depression: implications for pathogenesis of suicidal behavior
Fabrice Duval, MD; Marie-Claude Mokrani, PhD; Jose Monreal, MD; Thomas Weiss, MD; Said Fattah, MD; Beatrice Hamel, PhD; Jean-Paul Macher, MD

Anatomic magnetic resonance imaging studies of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Francisco Xavier Castellanos, MD

Pharmacological aspects

Developments in antipsychotic therapy with regard to hypotheses for schizophrenia
Manfred Ackenheil, MD; Klaus Weber, MPharm

Studies in schizophrenia: pathophysiology and treatment
Carol A. Tamminga, MD; Deborah R. Medoff, PhD

Optimizing dosing in atypical neuroleptic monotherapy
Fabien Trémeau, MD; Leslie Citrome, MD; MPH