Anxiety II

Anxiety II

September 2003 – Vol 5 – No. 3

State of the art

The psychobiology of resilience and vulnerability to anxiety disorders: implications for prevention and treatment
Dennis S. Charney, MD

Basic research

Evolutionary aspects of anxiety disorders
John S. Price , DM

Pharmacological aspects

Medication dependence and anxiety
Lisa L. von Moltke, MD; David J. Greenblatt, MD

Posters & images in neuroscience

fMRI in anxiety
Thérèse Schunck, PhD; Gilles Erb, BSc; Christian Gilles, MD; Yann Hode, MD; Izzie J. Namer, MD; PhD; Hermann Fuder, MD; PhD; Rémy Luthringer, MD

Clinical research

Sleep and anxiety disorders
Luc Staner, MD

Obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders
Andrea Allen, PhD; Audrey King, PhD; Eric Hollander, MD

Psychological and social aspects of resilience: a synthesis of risks and resources
Saul Levine, MD

The epidemiology of anxiety disorders: a review
Patrick Martin, MD, PhD

Free paper

Combination pharmacotherapy in Alzheimer’s disease
Jacobo Mintzer, MD; Dena Armstrong, MD; Warachal E. Faison, MD