June 2004 – Vol 6 – No. 2

State of the art

Structural plasticity of the adult brain: how animal models help us understand brain changes in depression and systemic disorders related to depression
Bruce S. McEwen, PhD

Basic research

Structural plasticity of the adult brain
Fred H. Gage, PhD

Regulation of cellular plasticity and resilience by mood stabilizers: the role of AMPA receptor trafficking
Jing Du, MD, PhD; Jorge A. Quiroz, MD; Neil A. Gray, BS; Steve T. Szabo, PhD; Carlos A. Zarate Jr, MD; Husseini K. Manji, MD, FRCPC

Pharmacological aspects

Neural plasticity: consequences of stress and actions of antidepressant treatment
Ronald S. Duman, PhD

Cellular consequences of stress and depression
Eberhard Fuchs, PhD; Gabriele Flügge, PhD

Clinical research

Cellular abnormalities in depression: evidence from postmortem brain tissue
Craig A. Stockmeier, PhD; Grazyna Rajkowska, PhD

Neuroplasticity in mood disorders
Wayne C. Drevets, MD

Cellular plasticity and resilience and the pathophysiology of severe mood disorders
Dennis S. Charney, MD; Georgette DeJesus, MD; Husseini K. Manji, MD

Free paper

Texture analysis of the brain: from animal models to human applications
Jean-François J. Nedelec , PhD; Olivier Yu, MD; PhD; Jacques Chambron, MD; PhD; Jean-Paul Macher, MD

Problems in texture analysis with magnetic resonance imaging
Lothar R. Schad, PhD

Texture analysis methodologies for magnetic resonance imaging
Andrzej Materka, MSEE, PhD, DSc