Early Stages of Schizophrenia

Early Stages of Schizophrenia

March 2005 – Vol 7 – No. 1

State of the art

The treatment of schizophrenia: from premorbid manifestations to the first episode of psychosis
Michael Davidson, MD; Asaf Caspi, MD; Shlomo Noy, MD, PhD

Basic research

Early biomarkers of psychosis
Robert Freedman, MD; Randal Ross, MD; Sherry Leonard, PhD; Marina Myles-Worsley, PhD; Catherine E. Adams, PhD; Merilyne Waldo, PhD; Jason Tregellas, PhD; Laura Martin, MD; Ann Olincy, MD; Jody Tanabe, MD; Michael A. Kisley, PhD; Sharon Hunter, PhD; Karen E. Stevens, PhD

Cognitive impairment as a risk factor for psychosis
Abraham Reichenberg, PhD

Pharmacological aspects

Treating early psychosis: who, what, and when?
Barbara A. Cornblatt, PhD; MBA; Andrea M. Auther, PhD


Functional neuroimaging in first-episode psychosis
Mihai D. Gheorghe, MD; PhD; A. V. Baloescu, MD; Gabriella Grigorescu, MA; A. Petrescu, MD

Clinical research

Toward a world consensus on prevention of schizophrenia
Jim Van Os, MD, PhD; Philippe Delespaul, MA, PhD

Environmental risk factors for psychosis
Kimberlie Dean, MBBS, MRCPsych; Robin M. Murray, MD, DSc

Interpreting the association between cannabis use and increased risk for schizophrenia
Mark Weiser , MD; Shlomo Noy, MD; PhD