New Psychiatric Classification based on Endophenotypes

New Psychiatric Classification based on Endophenotypes

June 2005 – Vol 7 – No. 2

State of the art

Genetic bases for endophenotypes in psychiatric disorders
Wade H. Berrettini, MD; PhD

Basic research

Environmental programming of stress responses through DNA methylation: life at the interface between a dynamic environment and a fixed genome
Michael J. Meaney, PhD; Moshe Szyf, PhD

The use of neurophysiological endophenotypes to understand the genetic basis of schizophrenia
David L. Braff, MD; Gregory A. Light, PhD


Neuroimaging the genetic effects of brain-derived neurotrophic factor on human hippocampus
Michael F. Egan, MD

Clinical research

Endophenotypes in the personality disorders
Larry J. Siever, MD

Alcoholism: the dissection for endophenotypes
Lisa M. Hines, ScD; Lara Ray, MA; Kent Hutchison, PhD; Boris Tabakoff, PhD

Intermediate phenotypes in schizophrenia: a selective review
Gilbert A. Preston, MD; Daniel R. Weinberger, MD