Depression in Medicine

Depression in Medicine

June 2006 – Vol 8 – No. 2

State of the art

Various forms of depression
Franco Benazzi, MD, PhD

Basic research

Changes in the immune system in depression and dementia: causal or coincidental effects?
Brian E. Leonard, PhD, DSc; Ayemu Myint, MBBS, MMedSci

Future prospects in depression research
Paul E. Holtzheimer III, MD; Charles B. Nemeroff, MD; PhD

Pharmacological aspects

Treatments in depression
Fabrice Duval, MD; Barry D. Lebowitz, PhD; Jean-Paul Macher, MD

Clinical research

Rating scales in depression: limitations and pitfalls
Per Bech, MD

Depression and sleep: pathophysiology and treatment
Michael E. Thase, MD

Somatic symptoms in depression
Hans-Peter Kapfhammer, Dipl Psych, MD, PhD

Nonpharmacological, somatic treatments of depression: electroconvulsive therapy and novel brain stimulation modalities
Renana Eitan, MD; Bernard Lerer, MD

Depression and associated physical diseases and symptoms
Guy M. Goodwin, MA, D Phil, FRCPsych, FMedSci


Using imaging to target the prefrontal cortex for transcranial magnetic stimulation studies in treatment-resistant depression
Kevin A. Johnson, BE; Dave Ramsey, BS; Frank A. Kozel, MD, MSCR; Daryl E. Bohning, PhD; Berry Anderson, RN; Ziad Nahas, MD, MSCR; Harold A. Sackeïm, PhD; Mark S. George, MD, and the OPT-TMS Study Group