Neuropsychiatry and Cardiovascular Disease

Neuropsychiatry and Cardiovascular Disease

March 2007 – Vol 9 – No. 1

State of the art

Depression and cardiovascular comorbidity
Alexander H. Glassman, MD

Basic research

Common genetic factors for depression and cardiovascular disease
Brigitta Bondy, MD

Pharmacological aspects

Neuropsychiatric consequences of cardiovascular medications
Jeff C. Huffman, MD; Theodore A. Stern, MD

Influence of antidepressants on hemostasis
Demian Halperin, MD; Guido Reber, PhD

Clinical research

Hypertension, cognitive decline, and dementia: an epidemiological perspective
Christophe Tzourio, MD, PhD

Gender differences in cardiovascular disease and comorbid depression.
Anne Maria Möller-Leimkühler, PhD

Neuropsychiatric consequences of coronary artery bypass grafting and noncardiovascular surgery
Abraham Reichenberg, PhD; Karen L. Dahlman, PhD; Serge Mosovich, MD, MPH; Jeffrey H. Silverstein, MD


Cardiac adverse reactions associated with psychotropic drugs
François Girardin, MD; Juan Sztajzel, MD

Free paper

Association study of T102C 5-HT2A polymorphism in schizophrenic patients: diagnosis, psychopathology, and suicidal behavior
Humberto Correa, MD, PhD; Luiz De Marco, MD, PhD; Wolfanga Boson, MSc; Rodrigo Nicolato, MD; Antó L. Teixeira, MD, PhD; Valdir R. Campo, MD; Marco A. Romano-Silva, MD, PhD