Chronobiology in Psychiatry

Chronobiology in Psychiatry

September 2007 – Vol 9 – No. 3

State of the art

Biological clocks and the practice of psychiatry
Pierre Schulz, MD

Basic research

The daily timing of gene expression and physiology in mammals
Ueli Schibler, PhD

Quantitative genetics of sleep in inbred mice
Mehdi Tafti , PhD

A history of chaos theory
Christian Oestreicher, PhD

Pharmacological aspects

The phase shift hypothesis for the circadian component of winter depression
Alfred J. Lewy, MD, PhD

Clinical research

Visual impairment and circadiam rhythm disorders
Steven W. Lockley, PhD; Josephine Arendt, PhD; FRCPath; Debra J. Skene, PhD

The chronobiology and neurobiology of winter seasonal affective disorder
Robert D. Levitan, MD; FRCPC; MSc

Interpersonal and social rhythm therapy: an intervention addressing rhythm dysregulation in bipolar disorder
Ellen Frank, PhD; Holly A. Swartz, MD; Elaine Boland, BA

The role of circadian clock genes in mental disorders
Elaine Waddington Lamont, PhD; Daniel Legault-Coutu, MSc; Nicolas Cermakian, PhD; Diane B. Boivin, MD; PhD


Individuality and stability of nocturnal secretion patterns for eight hormones in healthy young men
Pierre Schulz , MD; François Curtin, MD; MPhil; Thierry Steimer, PhD