March 2015 – Vol 17 – No. 1

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Dieter Naber, MD

Guest editorial

Why do we need a diagnosis? Maybe a syndrome is enough?
Norman Sartorius (Switzerland)

State of the art

Focus on psychosis
Wolfgang Gaebel; Jürgen Zielasek (Germany)

Clinical research

Descriptive psychopathology, phenomenology, and the legacy of Karl Jaspers
Heinz Häfner (Germany)

The Kraepelinian tradition
Paul Hoff (Switzerland)

Eugen Bleuler’s schizophrenia—a modern perspective
Anke Maatz; Paul Hoff; Jules Angst (Switzerland)

French perspectives on psychiatric classification
Marc-Antoine Crocq (France)

The history of nosology and the rise of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Edward Shorter, PhD

Genetic and genomic analyses as a basis for new diagnostic nosologies
Elliot S. Gershon; Kay S. Grennan (USA)

A knowledge network for a dynamic taxonomy of psychiatric disease
Ranga R. Krishnan (USA, Singapore)

Research Domain Criteria: toward future psychiatric nosologies
Bruce N. Cuthbert (USA)